Haikus, tear away bits of joy – Haikus, arracher de la joie

I fell in love with a verse of Maiakovsky Tear away bits of joy from the fleeing days and wanted to do something inspired by it. I was in a sad mood after the Nice events and did it.
To know, to suffer
But tear away bits of Joy
From the fleeing days

But while searching more info about it,  I discovered it was  an erroneous translation. Written after the suicide of a friend,  Yvan Mignot says that it says Tear away bits of joy from the days to come. And this matched still more with my mood. Plus a haunting image of the teddy bear of a magnificent little by dead in the Nice tragedy. I did another version.
To know, to suffer
But tear away bits of Joy
From the days to come

Mixed media on raw canvas 20x20cm

Bathsheba the temptress and King David – Bethsabée la tentatrice et le roi David

#portrait of the #adulteress #mother  of #kingsalomon   – #mixedmedia   #painting inspired by a #medieval #illumination  by #robertboyvin
The background is an old #collage which I found a bit shallow called little pink mess
David one oversaw Bathsheba bathing. She was the wife of one of his general Uriah. But he fell in love, seduced her. She fell pregnant. The king managed to have Uriah killed in the war and married Batsheba. But their first child, the fruit of sin, died.
In the illumination, the story is shortened, King Salomon sees a Bastheba already pregnant.
In the different illuminations I have seen, Batsheba in her bath is always sinewy like a snake (the temptress…) and #pregnant


Trespass the limits of your destiny, tribute to Muhammad Ali – Franchir les frontières de son destin, hommage à Mohammed Ali

The news were so ugly that I resorted to magics and drew a portrait of Ali the fighter, such a powerful icon.  I intended to do a final version on raw canvas but the world make such an ugly noise at the moment that I may go on working around that fascinating subject.
Les nouvelles étaient si mauvaises que j’ai eu recours à la magie et que j’ai dessiné un portrait d’Ali le combattant, une icone si puissante. Je pensais faire une version finale sur un chassis brut mais le monde fait un bruit si affreux en ce moment qu’il se peut que je continue à travailler autour de ce sujet fascinant.
#acrylicpainting #cardboard #ink after a photo of Philippe Halsman



Drawing and painting Lady Gaga, gaga enough or not, Dessiner et peindre Lady Gaga, gaga assez ou pas.

6 years ago, I was obsessed by the garden I was creation. I spent hours dreaming in front of nursery catalogs, magazines.. thinking over, concocting stories, drawing, planning work.. How did Lady Gaga, sneaked in my vegetal obsession, that is a mystery….
First image, the rash sketch I did then.

Stored in a drawer since that moment, she managed a comeback at the Victoria and Albert Museum . I saw her in the exhibition Boticelli reimagined . This drove me to finish the painting I had tried to do without success. I immediatlely found it not gaga enough. #acrylics  36x22cm

I decided to do a #feltpen   #drawing  on #kraftpaper
After a few utterly unsastisfying tries, I managed a less unsastisfying one. 29,7cmx42cm.
DSC_0851I am now quite tired of her and may not be the only one 😉

Il y a 6 ans,  j’étais obsédée par le jardin que je suis en train de créer au hameau des ossements. Je passe des heures à rêver devant des images de jardin et des catalogues de plantes, lire magazines et blogs,  réfléchir, élucubrer, inventer des histoires, dessiner, planifier les travaux, les achats… Comment Lady Gaga a-t-elle réussi à se glisser dans cette obsession végétale? Mystère! Voici le petit croquis à l’arrache fait à l’époque.

Stockée dans un tiroir pendant 6 ans, elle a réussi un comeback au Victoria et Albert Museum dans l’exposition Boticelli reimagined. Ceci m’a conduit à finir la peinture que j’avais commencée à l’époque et je l’ai aussitôt trouvée insuffisamment gaga.

DSC_0862J’ai donc décidé de faire un dessin au feutre sur papier kraft.