Retro games camp, episode 24, conversation with a ghost

As Pierre was alone, he had been allowed to sleep in the little red room. It was quite no more than a box above the stairs. But he would not have to wait for the cinema man to get up to go to the toilet. Precious.
He had loved the cinema even if the film was melodramatic crap. He felt very comfortable in the tiny room. He was slowly sliding in sleep when he noticed the ghost watching him.
-Hello Pierre
– Hello Monsieur Antoine.
They had a long conversation.
Monsieur Antoine provided Pierre with some of the answers required to board on the Tardis and advised him to question the Raymond for the other ones.
– He will find it strange.
– No, he loves to tell stories and he is very good at it. You’ll see.
As far as the Tardis was concerned, he had no clue.
– But at least, do you know when I am?
– What do you mean Pierre?
– The retro games camp guy wrote me to tell I had been sent from 2012 to 1972 but the very very old lady thinks we are during the war, at the cinema the news dated from 1952 and all the magazines in the café are from the 60’s…
– As a ghost, I can’t help you much, time does not exist any more for me.

Summary and link to previous episodes :

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