Retro games camp, episode 26, pluck no more

The café was closed on Sunday evening. So Cousinette accompanied Thomas and François who were coming bak. She even accepted the Raymond’s invitation to have a tipple with a nice meal.

One tipple after one tippple, Cousinette turned from less stern to quite joyful towards the end of the meal. While Cousinette sipped, the Raymond spoke, enchaining picturesque anecdotes.

He came to one of his favorite, the aborted wedding of the Marie-Louise. Marie-Louise had a massive bosom, but it was obviously not that convincing an argument of seduction. On the morning of her wedding, she rushed in the kitchen where dozens of winged creatures were to be cooked for the feast, yelling and crying :
– Pluck no more, pluck no more.
Her back had just told her that no, after thorough thinking over, he did not want to say yes….

This story stirred something in Cousinette and she confided:
– I should have done that!
– Jesus Christ, Cousinette, your husband was such a nice man!
– Such a nice man, but we have had no child.
– It happens. It’s bad luck. You must do with it.
– It was not bad luck. After 2 years of marriage, I was sad and I spoke of that to my confessor.
There she blushed, giggled strangely and went on:
– Imagine his lack of decency. He asked me if we made love enough. I told him the truth. Albert tried a little on our wedding night. I told him it was disagreable and he stopped immediately and forvere. And that pig of a curé answered me I had to take a lover.  I was deeply shocked and offenced. I immediately changed of confessor.

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