Retro games camp, episode 27, confessions of a ghost,

Pierre had been allowed to stay in the little red room.  He was on the verge of sleep when he saw the ghost, Albert Antoine.
– Hello Pierre.
– Hello Monsieur Antoine

This time, the ghost was not smiling. He had an air of deep sadness.
– So she spoke about us.
– You mean Cousinette. Yes. Why did you marry her if you found her unattractive?
– She was attractive, indeed she was…. I was not attracted to her… In fact, I was not attracted to women at all… I hoped it would work. She was a lovely and lively young woman, full of joy. I had persuaded me it could work and my confessor had told me, thay he had seen lots of men like me where it had worked… I did not deceive myself for long!

Albert Antoine made a long pause and tears came to his eyes.
– You know Pierre, it was so difficult to be an inverted at that time. Yes, inverted, that the word they used! It tells everything…. We were far from being gay…. I was in politics. I had no hope with that label attached to me. She was attracted to a man who was not of her condition.  Her parents and my confessor managed the thing. It was to be a good affair for both parts…. She turned sour and I never got the responsiblities I deserved. I stayed the second doing the job in the shade while the first collected the rewards… I remained what I was and being married did nothing to it and to the label. I had been dishonest and naive together.

He made a new pause, breathe out a long whisper.
– It’s probably because of my attitude that I became  a ghost. I was already one in my real life.

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