Retro games camp, episode 29, experiments

Pierre spent the whole afternoon looking for something resembling a Tardis.

Meanwhile, Thomas and François were with the girls, in the girls’ garden.  They had been put under house arrest by their parents. They had been harshly punished for having explored the relationships between males and females with older males, but they were determined to go on probing the subject. They decided they could use younger boys as substitutes.

As a consequence Thomas and François were tremendously enjoying themselves. Fearing that the parents could go to the bottom of the garden to check what was going on there was not enough to spoil their pleasure.

Pierre, at last, made a discovery. The vehicle did not look like a tardis, but it was a strange vehicle and it looked as if it had already much travelled in time… And they had said it could sometimes be camouflaged in something else. Out of despair, he gave it a try.
With many difficulties he crawled inside. Nothing happened. All he got was bruises, nettle stings and scratches…


Summary and link to previous episodes :

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