Retro games camp, episode 31, travelling

The following day, Pierre had more luck if one can say that.

After lunch, he met the very very old lady. She notice his preoccupied air and inquired gently about it.
Her sweetness unnerved him. He took his parents’ letter out of his pocket and quite thrust it in her face.
She took it softly, read it and declared:
– I have an idea.

On entering the village’s church, he recieved a thermic shock, it was as icy and humid insige as it was hot and dry outside. And he wondered, why on earth had he followed that oldie so confused she believed she was in 1942 and not in 1972…

He entered the confesional to please her.  She was losing her marbles a bit, but so sweetly. He was convinced nothing would happen. And wham….

A deafening noise, a blinding light and the feeling of falling and climbing in the same time and both at ultra hight speed. Suddenly it stopped…

They were in the same place exactly. The very very old lady murmured disappointed:
– I am sorry Pierre. I was sure it would work.
Pierre shrugged. The very very old lady refrained from telling him how inelegant that gesture was. Pierre spoked calmly:
– No trouble. You tried. That’s nice.

Pierre opened the church’s door to go out and closed it immediately. Argh! No doutb, the very very old lady had unsettled the Tardis with her unsettled mind.  He had caught sight of german soldiers in nazi uniform.

He grabbed the very very old lady’s arm and dragged her in the confesional…

Summary and link to previous episodes :

Le confessionnal

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