Retro games camp, episode 33, back

The nervous guy fretting and shouting had at least made himself clear. They had to go back because otherwise Pierre  would be stuck on that day of August 2012 where no member of his families and none of his friends are in Paris. Alone forever.  He had to return to his ordinary life as he had left it, in the retro games camp coach with his brother and cousin.
– And the notebook and what I’ve been said?
– They just wanted to occupy you.  They did not  need to do the same with your brother and cousin. They were busy enough.
The very very old lady looked very very disappointed but she was the first to get out of the room saying nicely:
– Come Pierre, I have already had a very long life and part of it was really interesting. It’s your turn.

When they stepped out of the retro games camp coach near Paris, in the parking lot of a super U, the boys were immediately embraced and questionned avidly by their parents. They wanted to know how they had felt deprived of their usual electronic paraphernalias and what they had learnt.

– Cycling, answered cautiously François.
– Girls, claimed Thomas.
– Nothing, snapped a very moody Pierre.

Despite his parents’s cajoling and the reunion with his friends, Pierre spent the evening  in heavy melancholia. He had not imagined how deeply he would miss Monsieur Antoine, le Raymond and the very very old lady. He even missed the acid Cousinette….

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