Heavy, haiku and mixed media – Lourde

Heavy with distress
Her body is her fortress
Her prison also

Lourde de détresse
Son corps est sa forteresse
Sa prison aussi


Mixed media on canvas : 80cm x 80cm – Prints, tirages

A painter I know told me that, when portraying a woman, she always ended painting herself. If that’s true of me I’m severely afflicted with dysmorphophobia ….

Un peintre que je connais m’a dit qu’elle finissait toujours par se peindre elle-même lorsqu’elle faisait le portrait d’une femme.  Si c’est vrai de moi, je suis sévèrement atteinte de dysmorphophobie….

3 pensées sur “Heavy, haiku and mixed media – Lourde”

  1. Je vais faire un commentaire très plat mais je trouve cette toile très belle, solaire, un quelque chose qui me ferait penser à Modigliani en gros….. Voila c’est pas très inspiré mais ça me plait vraiment beaucoup…..

  2. I’m surprised that you’re such a fan wihtuot having seen him live, Travis. That takes the appreciation to a whole new level, because night after night, nobody puts on a show like he does and always has. His energy level is off the charts, and there’s a bond with the audience unlike any other I’ve ever seen. The only word I can think of to describe it is a celebration.And of course, Dan likes to remind me that Bruce’s connection with Detroit audiences is nothing like what he receives in Italy, or South Carolina, or several other places I’ll never attend.Of course, now I’m going to pile on and say that, while you should definitely see the upcoming show (I’ll be there), I doubt it could even begin to compare with the best shows I’ve seen. Bruce is past 60 now, two of his original band members have passed on, and well, time catches up with the best of us. But I’ll wager that he’ll still show more energy and play longer than almost any other band you’ve seen.Let me know when you want to make that beer & Bruce event happen.

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