Bathsheba the temptress and King David – Bethsabée la tentatrice et le roi David

#portrait of the #adulteress #mother  of #kingsalomon   – #mixedmedia   #painting inspired by a #medieval #illumination  by #robertboyvin
The background is an old #collage which I found a bit shallow called little pink mess
David one oversaw Bathsheba bathing. She was the wife of one of his general Uriah. But he fell in love, seduced her. She fell pregnant. The king managed to have Uriah killed in the war and married Batsheba. But their first child, the fruit of sin, died.
In the illumination, the story is shortened, King Salomon sees a Bastheba already pregnant.
In the different illuminations I have seen, Batsheba in her bath is always sinewy like a snake (the temptress…) and #pregnant


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