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I live in Paris in quartier des artistes.
I like to cook, garden, read and entertain, arts , culture, sports and family time.
Painting is a vital necessity for me.

For years, I had little time to paint My work was limited to the vitaI, the safety relief valve for my acute sensitivity.
I can now dedicate me fully to my passion.

My father was a color wizard and shared with me his enthusiasm. He has been my first master. I learned by studying the works and the route of my favorite painters  and also of some others. I learned in the studio animated by Sandrine Goupil. I learned also by discussing with art suppliers.  And I learned by trial and errors, which brings me back to my father who was an engineer fan of experimentation.

Je vis à Paris dans le quartier des artistes.
J’aime cuisiner, jardiner, lire et recevoir, les arts, la culture et le sport ainsi que les activités familiales.
Peindre est une nécessité vitale pour moi.


4 réflexions sur « Contact – Infos »

  1. Grzegorz Pie?kowski Poland

    czytaj?? informacje o Pani ,wy?ania si? obraz typowej pary?anki.
    Kawiarnie wystawy, poddasze.

    A ja znam Pary? lat 30 tych XIX wieku , kiedy ?y? w nim polski poeta Juliusz S?owack i Adam Mickiewicz

    la lecture des informations vous concernant, peindre une image d’une Parisienne typique.
    Cafés exposition grenier.

    Et je sais que Paris les 30 ans du XIXe siècle, quand il vivait dans le poète polonais Juliusz S?owacki et Adam Mickiewicz

  2. Thomas Xavier

    Hi, I was looking for a image for a haiku post I made and came across one from your site. Is it okay if I use it? If not, no worries, just let me know and I’ll replace it with something else. Thanks either way. Merci 🙂

    P.S. Nice site. I’d follow you but I don’t seem to be getting the prompt at the top like I normally would.

  3. Jetgirl

    Fascinating! I found your site through the BloggingU poetry course, and I am happy that I did! I think I will have a lot of fun practicing reading everything that you write in French! I’m looking forward to reading what you have written/photographed about your beautiful Paris. I’ve only ever spent a week there, but I am dying to go back!

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